The GoldSrc Tutorial list

GoldSrc Links & Tools

GoldSrc Spraylogo Tutorial

GoldSrc Map Texture Tutorial

GoldSrc Sprite Tutorial

GoldSource Model Compile/Decompile Flowchart

Model Baked Physics Tutorial

Tips, Tricks, and personal model Gallery

Model Texturing Oldstyle Methods

Animation Remap & Proportion changes

GoldSrc Model Export Tutorial

GoldSource Model Compile Command Glossary

Model Troubleshooting Guide

GoldSrc MDL Repair Guide

Playermodel Mouth Procedural Animation Tutorial

Playermodel Color Remap Tutorial

Sven Co-op/XASH3D Fullbright Model Textures Tutorial

Sven Co-op Playermodel Compile-O-Matic

GoldSrc "Chrome" Guide

func_vehicle & Sven-Coop func_vehicle_custom guide


(I am no longer working with Source engine and these were written pre-steampipe update. These should be viewed as legacy tutorials as info may be out of date)

The Source Spraylogo Tutorial

Custom particles in maps & spritesheet VTFs

Recording voice as seprate WAV's in Source

Source Model Compile/Decompile Flowchart